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ILSC Education Group: Your Personalized Journey to Global Success

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The ILSC Education Group offers a unique educational experience, combining flexibility, academic excellence, and cultural immersion. With a wide range of language courses and vocational programs, as well as partnerships with more than 150 universities, ILSC allows you to create your own learning path, adapted to your needs and objectives.

Choose your educational adventure

At ILSC, you have the freedom to customize your journey:

  • English, French and Hindi courses, from beginner to advanced level
  • Vocational programs at Greystone College, with co-op and work-study options
  • Progression opportunities, from language classes to higher education
  • Flexible schedules and study intensities that fit your routine
  • Eight language schools and seven Greystone College units in incredible locations
  • Options for all ages, from junior students to adults
  • Flexible start dates throughout the year

Ao Learn language abroad with the ILSC, you'll have the opportunity to explore fascinating destinations in Canada, Australia, and India, studying on modern, well-equipped campuses strategically located in vibrant, multicultural cities.

Specialized teachers and full support

At both ILSC Language Schools and Greystone College, you'll learn from teachers who are passionate and specialized in their fields. All language instructors have university degrees, recognized certifications, and extensive teaching experience. Greystone College professors, on the other hand, bring diverse knowledge, practical experience in the industry, and understanding of current market trends.

In addition, the ILSC offers a complete support for your life abroad, including:

1. Online level assessment before arrival

2. Friendly and helpful student guidance team

3. MyILSC and Greystone College apps for planning and monitoring progress

4. Assistance in finding accommodation

5. Keep Me Safe app for 24/7 support for University Pathway and Greystone College students

A global and engaged community

Study at ILSC it's much more than learning in the classroom, it's being part of a vibrant and engaged international community. You'll have the opportunity to participate in exciting activities, campus events, volunteer opportunities, and talks with community experts. All of this contributes to an enriching and transformative cultural immersion experience.

The fastest way to university

O ILSC University Pathway Program It is the most efficient way to fulfill your dream of studying at a University abroad. With the world's largest network of global partners and more than 75 master's and doctoral programs, ILSC guarantees your vacancy and offers comprehensive support throughout the process. You can graduate in less than 4 weeks of full-time study and track your progress through the MyILSC app.

Invest in your future with the ILSC Education Group

Study at ILSC Education Group it is an investment in your personal and professional future. With a personalized approach, specialized teachers, and an engaged global community, you'll be prepared to achieve your goals and stand out on the international stage.

Be Easy

Don't miss the opportunity to embark on this transformative journey and boost your career. Get in touch with Be Easy Exchange today and discover how we can help you achieve your dreams with the ILSC Education Group. Our specialized team is ready to offer all necessary support, from choosing the ideal program to the application process and obtaining a visa. Join the global ILSC community and take the first step toward a bright future filled with opportunities!

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