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How to reconcile studies and work during your exchange in Spain

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We explore how it's allowed study and work in Spain during the exchange, provided that certain conditions are met. Undertaking an exchange in Spain is an incredible opportunity to improve your language skills, learn about a new culture and boost your career. Many students wonder if it is possible to reconcile their studies with a job during this experience. We explore how it's allowed study and work in Spain during the exchange, provided that certain conditions are met.

Requirements to study and work in Spain

To be authorized to work during your exchange in Spain, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in a course with a duration equal to or greater than 25 weeks.
  • Have a minimum workload of 20 classes per week in your course.
  • The work must have a maximum workload of 20 hours per week.
  • The hiring company in Spain must request a work permit for the exchange student.

Benefits of working during the exchange

Working during your exchange in Spain comes with a number of benefits. In addition to helping with everyday expenses, employment provides an even deeper immersion in the local culture and language. You will have the opportunity to practice Spanish in a professional environment, expand your network of contacts and gain international work experience, which can be a differential in your curriculum.

In addition, working during the exchange allows you to explore more deeply the city where you are studying, discovering places and experiences that you might not have access to just as a student. This enriching experience contributes to your personal and professional growth.

Tips for reconciling studies and work in Spain

1. Organize your time: Establish a routine that balances your academic and professional responsibilities, reserving moments to study, work, and rest.

2. Communicate with your educational institution: Inquire about the school's policies regarding work during the exchange and seek guidance on how to reconcile these activities.

3. Choose a compatible job: Look for job openings that are flexible and compatible with your class schedules, to avoid conflicts between your responsibilities.

4. Take advantage of available resources: Use the career guidance services offered by your educational institution or exchange agencies to find suitable job opportunities.


Studying and working in Spain during your exchange is an enriching experience that can boost your academic and professional journey. By meeting the necessary requirements and finding a balance between your responsibilities, you will be able to make the most of this unique opportunity.

Be Easy

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